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Balloon Care Guide

Our Balloon Care Guide - Things Balloons do not really like:

Curious little hands and waggling tails - We know how tempting a colourful, bobbling balloon is for little hands, if possible please keep out of arms reach!

Extreme heat or cold temperatures (We know there is usually a surprise element with balloons but Please don't leave balloons in a shed or car overnight!) Balloons should be stored at normal room temperature

Sharp objects - one little touch and bang goes your balloon! Not a pleasant surprise for anyone...

Windy and Rainy days - while this seems almost impossible to avoid in Ireland at the moment, please treat balloons like you would a child and keep indoors out of wind and rain

A Few Things to Remember:

Please note latex balloons last up to 12 hours only. We advise that you collect or arrange delivery on the day of use

Our Inflated foil and bubble balloons last for up to 5 days depending on how the balloons are stored.

Our balloons are designed for display purposes and not to be used as a toy so please keep away from curious little hands.

If your product arrives in a box/bag please double-check the balloons when they arrive to ensure you are happy with them. Please do let us know if there are any issues.

Some balloons, such as our Supershape Numbers arrive on multiple weights so that they can be

displayed individually. This may result in the ribbons getting tangled during transit and can be easily separated once out of their box/bag. Unfortunately, We're unable to provide refunds for tangled ribbons.

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